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Dear Mom and Dad, I know what you are thinking. Why should I choose to send my child to Seneca Hills? Our Counselors. We receive at least twice as many outstanding applications as we have available positions. We bring them in to camp for a weekend to see how they interact with their peers in the camp environment and to witness first-hand their commitment to serving Christ before they are even hired. Those that make the cut and become surrogate parents for the summer are the best of the best. Once they are here, we fill their cup daily with discipleship devotionals and prayer.

A great counselor can turn the experience of summer camp into the ultimate adventure. A great counselor can earn the right to listen to you child and help them understand Biblical Truth. A great counselor can search out those kids who aren’t involved with the other kids and create an environment where the entire cabin becomes great friends. A great counselor puts the needs of campers ahead of their own. We hire great counselors. These Christ-Like role models are the reason behind why our program has grown so much over the past few summers. More and more are finding out about the exceptional Counseling staff at Seneca Hills and the word is spreading. For the past 75 years we have strived to recruit, interview, hire, train, teach, disciple, and mentor the best staff to minister to campers who spend time at Seneca Hills. It is important to you and it is extremely important to us. Come check out Seneca Hills Bible Camp and see what makes us excellent.

Jon Graeser
Program Director