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Our Address

490 Caney Valley Rd., Markleysburg, PA 15459


39.722555, -79.430648



Camp Sonrise Mountain is a non-profit corporation that exists for the
purpose of providing facilities and an environment where the gospel of
Jesus Christ may be proclaimed and where individuals are encouraged
to seek and find greater meaning for their lives in Christ

Camp Sonrise Mountain is affiliated with the Allegheny Region Conference of the Churches of God. Our environment provides opportunity for intensive Christian interaction or relaxing atmosphere for spiritual and recreational retreats. Our staff will make your stay an enjoyable experience that will keep your church or organization wanting to come back year after year. Camp Sonrise can accommodate many sizes of groups, youth and adult (maximum sleeping of 128). The camp may be rented by the week, weekend, or a single day. It is available to church groups, Christian organizations, and other nonprofit organizations whose purpose and objectives for renting the camp are compatible with those of Camp Sonrise Mountain. Rodahaver Chapel, available for worship and larger meetings, is fully equipped with sound and projection system. It seats 150 and features modern restrooms and foyer area. Keck Fellowship Hall, located under Rodahaver Chapel, features a large meeting area and 2 class rooms. There is a fire place located in the fellowhsip hall for inside camp fires and relaxing devotions.
The pavilion on site is equipped with a full sound system and fire place. It is suitable for outside gatherings while staying at the camp and is also available for one day rentals. The dining hall, with full kitchen facilities, has a maximum capacity of 150.